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About Us

Light Creates Place 

We are a local, WBE-certified lighting design firm dedicated to our clients at every stage of the design process. Our founding Principals studied opposite environments – interior design and landscape architecture – but both concluded that lighting was the most important element in each. Their dedication to and passion towards the lighted environment is evident. There is Principal involvement at every phase of every project. 


Founded in 2012, Lumen Studio works with daylight, electric light, and controls integration to provide lighting solutions for both interior and exterior environments. We are well-versed in the newest technologies and are constantly seeking to provide the most cutting-edge, energy-efficient, controlled solutions.     


We believe that lighting enriches the aesthetic environment of a space. We are lighting partners in the design process and combine our artistic and technical skills to deliver creative, holistic design solutions that meet our clients’ needs, scope, and budget. We are committed to every phase of the design process, including post-occupancy and beyond. We remain partners to our clients long after they have inhabited their spaces. 



Daylighting Integration, Renderings & Analysis

Photometric Studies & Analysis


Historic Restoration

Master Planning

Custom Fixture Design


LED System Design & Programming

LEED/CHPS Credit Analysis & Documentation

Light Trespass Analysis

Energy Code Analysis

Cost Analysis

Lighting Control System Design, Integration &


Lighting System Focusing & Programming

Revit Drafting

Post-Occupancy Analysis